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Men's Ministry

The best legacy we can build is not the years of ministry but by the souls touched with the grace of God and for the homes empowered by transformed men. As soldiers of the Kingdom we must be bold to move forward and courageously engage the enemy. God is calling every one of His Godly men to move in coordination with His divine agents to occupy the territory ahead of us. We need to be awaken from the lethargy of a disengaged culture and valiantly secure our lives and the lives of others to Jesus. Men we need to reassess our position of leadership in our homes, our protective role with our spouse and children, our exemplary reputation in the workplace and our inspirational guidance in church. Men of Clearwater, God needs you!



Women's Ministry


The primary purpose of the Women's Ministry Department is to nurture, facilitate and support women in their Christian lives as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His World Church.


                                                        The Tea Party 




On May 18th, the Clearwater and Bethlehem Church joined together in hosting a High Tea and Fashion Show. The goal of this joint venture was to raise funds to support projects that each group wants to pursue.  The Tea was an outreach to women who have expressed interest is learning more about Adventism. Each table sat 8 and had 1 to 2 guests at each table. After the ladies and their guests were served there was a fashion show featuring items from the Thrift store. Once the fashion show was over , Votes were taken to select the winning table. Arlette Colomba was the winner. There was also a silent auction of items donated for the fashion show. We generated over 800 dollars split between the 2 churches. Profit from the silent auction was given to the Thrift store to provide food for the food bank. The food was a variety of finger sandwiches and desserts. Beverages served were a variety organic non caffeine teas. It was a good experience, working together.


Feeding the Homeless Ministry